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In my research agenda, I’m actually studying about social networks and how it can be used into organizations to capitalize the social communications among employees towards the business objectives of the organizations. Anyways, in this sense, I use to spent some time surfing into some social networks and looking for new ways to interact with them, and today I found nomee, a brand new following and sharing tool that allows you to keep track of your friends and favorite public people in a single and very easy-to-use interface. Since nomee was developed using Adobe Air it can be used in any platform (windows, apples & tuxes).

I just really like the usability of this tools, and the easiness to add your friends and people of your interest and follow them from every social networks they are members, even you can follow them from their public websites. I just imagine how can an organization could use this kind of activity tracking from its projects activities as well as from the interactions among team members working on a project an publishing key information regarding they daily work… I will figure it out and will let you known, in the meantime, if you have 3 minutes, I really recommend you to take a look of the following video that explains how to follow people using nomee.

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