Is cybersex getting beyond the screen?

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As some day Ricardo Baeza-Yates said in some class of Web information retrieval, “the Internet is a like a living creature, with tentacles, islands and a big hearth or body”… well… Internet, as any other living creature, never stops to surprise me when surfing on the Web you find new words derived from the information technology influence nowadays.


Dildonics are electronic sex toys that can be controlled by a computer. Promoters of these devices have claimed since the 1980s they are the “next big thing” in cybersex technology. Teledildonics (also known as Cyberdildonics) is the integration of telepresence with sex and was coined in the 1980s by Ted Nelson. [Wikipedia, 2006]

I was shocked, not in the puritanical way, my astonishment was due to the idea that having sex with a computer (if this could be called “sex”) is becoming real, and I’m kind of worried about at what point we, humans, are losing our values supplanting the beautiful experience of meeting a person by satisfying the necessity of pleasure… well, this’s only my opinion.

One thought on “Is cybersex getting beyond the screen?”

  1. It will be quite interesting to see which kind of applications horny programmers write for these devices, even more interesting will be the testing phase… Let the battle for the most adventurous developer start!!!

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